Properties of the ions of common biological cations

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Reference Maguire ME, Cowan JA. Magnesium chemistry and biochemistry. Biometals. 2002 Sep15(3):203-10. p.205 table 1 link PubMed ID12206387
Primary Source Cowan JA. 1995 The Biological Chemistry of Magnesium, New York, NY: VCH Publishers. de Valk HW. 1999 Magnesium in diabetes mellitus. Neth J Med 54, 139–146. , Diebler H, Eigen M, Ilgenfritz G, Maass G,Winkler R. 1969 Kinetics and mechanism of reactions of main group metal ions with biological carriers. Pure Appl Chem 20, 93–115. AND Eigen M. 1963 Fast elementary steps in chemical reaction mechanisms. Pure Appl Chem 6, 97–115.
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