Genome size

Value 1.67e+6 bp
Organism Bacteria Helicobacter pylori
Reference Tomb et al., The complete genome sequence of the gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori. Nature. 1997 Aug 7 388(6642):539-47. abstractPubMed ID9252185
Method "The H. pylori genome sequence was obtained by a whole-genome random sequencing method..."
Comments "Helicobacter pylori, strain 26695, has a circular genome of 1,667,867 base pairs and 1,590 predicted coding sequences." p.540 left column paragraph above bottom:"One thousand five hundred and ninety predicted coding sequences were identified. They were searched against a non-redundant protein database resulting in 1,091 putative identifications that were assigned biological roles using a classification system adapted from Riley [ref 15] (Table 2). The 1,590 predicted genes had an average size of 945 bp, similar to that observed in other prokaryotes [refs 7–9] , and no genome-wide strand bias was observed (Fig .2)."
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