Average doubling time in light organ of squid host

Value 4.8 hours Range: ±1 hours
Organism Bacteria Vibrio fischeri
Reference Lee KH, Ruby EG. Effect of the Squid Host on the Abundance and Distribution of Symbiotic Vibrio fischeri in Nature. Appl Environ Microbiol. 1994 May60(5):1565-1571. p. 1567 table 1PubMed ID16349257
Method The number of symbionts inhabiting the light organ of one of the medium-sized squids (averaging ~10^7) were used to calculate the average generation time of symbionts within the light organs as described by the equations µ=(lnN-lnNo)/(t - to) and g = ln2/µ (where µ is the growth rate, N is the number of cells at time t, No is the number of cells at time to, and g is the generation time [or doubling time]).
Comments Average of four experiments, where n=2,5,2,4 respectively.
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