Quantities of aminoacyl-tRNA and their turnover in E. coli K38

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Jakubowski H, Goldman E. Quantities of individual aminoacyl-tRNA families and their turnover in Escherichia coli. J Bacteriol. 1984 Jun158(3):769-76. p.775 table 3PubMed ID6373741
Method Abstract:"The cellular content of all 20 aminoacyl-tRNA species was determined in small cultures of Escherichia coli by labeling cells with 3H-amino acids and extraction of 3H-amino acid-labeled nucleic acid by standard procedures."
Comments "Simultaneously with determination of aminoacyl-tRNA, [investigators] have measured the rate of incorporation of all 20 amino acids into protein in vivo. This allowed [them] to calculate the rate of turnover of aminoacyl-tRNA in E. coli cells. The data obtained with E. coli strain K38 are shown in Table 3. For comparison [they] have also included in Table 3 known quantities of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases from the data of Neidhardt et al. (ref 21 PMID 318645)."
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