Diffusion coefficient of 62kDa dextran through hepatocyte cytoplasm

Value 2 µm^2/sec
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Peters R. Nucleo-cytoplasmic flux and intracellular mobility in single hepatocytes measured by fluorescence microphotolysis. EMBO J. 1984 Aug3(8):1831-6 Table 1PubMed ID6207019
Method Fluorescence microphotolysis was used to measure nucleocytoplasmic flux in single rat hepatocytes for a series of dextrans ranging in molecular mass from 3 to 150 kd.
Comments Value is 1.97 +-0.34um^2/sec in cytoplasm. The cytoplasmic translational diffusion coefficient DC and the nucleoplasmic diffusion coefficient DN of a 62-kd dextran were also determined. DC was approximately 2 X 10^(-8) and DN approximately 3 X 10^(-8) cm^2/s, i.e., 1/20-1/15 of the value in free solution. (D=39um^2/sec BNID 104264).
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