Density of NPCs (nuclear pore complex)

Value 50 NPC/μm^2
Organism African clawed frog Xenopus laevis
Reference Keminer O, Peters R. Permeability of single nuclear pores. Biophys J. 1999 Jul77(1):217-28PubMed ID10388751
Primary Source Maul GG. The nuclear and the cytoplasmic pore complex: structure, dynamics, distribution, and evolution. Int Rev Cytol Suppl. 1977(6):75-186.PubMed ID348630
Comments In stage VI oocytes of Xenopus laevis, which were used in the present study, the density amounts to ~50 NPC/µm^2 (Maul, 1977), i.e., the area per NPC is ~0.02 µm^2 on average. For density of 36NPC/µm^2 see PMID 11152752 p.7 caption to figure 3
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