Restriction enzyme BspI catalytic rate (Kcat)

Value 200 1/min
Organism Unspecified
Reference Venetianer P. Purification and properties of the Bsp endonuclease. Methods Enzymol. 1980 65(1):109-12.PubMed ID6246331
Method As seen in Table I (p. 112), Bsp can be prepared in an extremely high yield. One gram of cells contains approximately 2×10^6 units of enzyme, this is 30-fold higher than reported for EcoRI. It can be calculated that this does not mean a much higher amount of enzyme but a higher specific activity. The estimated turnover number of Bsp is 200 cleavages per minute at 37 ° (versus 4 cleavages per minute for EcoRI, Modrich et al., 1976 PMID 786985).
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