Estimated total gross production of biogenic silica

Value 240 Tmol Si/year Range: ±40 Tmol Si/year
Organism Biosphere
Reference Tréguer PJ, De La Rocha CL. The world ocean silica cycle. Ann Rev Mar Sci. 2013 5 :477-501. doi: 10.1146/annurev-marine-121211-172346 p.483 5th paragraphPubMed ID22809182
Primary Source Nelson DM, Tréguer P, Brzezinski MA, Leynaert A, Quéguiner B. 1995. Production and dissolution of biogenic silica in the ocean: revised global estimates, comparison with regional data and relationship with biogenic sedimentation. Glob. Biogeochem. Cycles 9: 359–72 link
Comments P.483 5th paragraph: "Silica production in different ecosystems (photic zone). Nelson et al. (primary source) estimated a total gross production of biogenic silica of 240 ± 40 Tmol Si/year. This estimate was calculated both from the total primary production of the world ocean and a mean Si/C ratio and from the export production of biogenic silica calculated using a PANDORA model and then transformed into gross production using the mean dissolution-to-production-rate ratio for the surface world ocean. Hereafter, [investigators] calculate specific estimates of biogenic silica production for the coastal zone, the open ocean, and the Southern Ocean." 1Tmol=1 teramole = 10^12 moles
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