Seed mass, 2C nuclear DNA content, in 12 diploid Allium species and 7 annual Vicia species

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Organism Plants
Reference Bennett MD. Nuclear DNA content and minimum generation time in herbaceous plants. Proc R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 1972 Jun 6 181(1063):109-35. p.130 table 9a & p.131 table 9bPubMed ID4403285
Primary Source Jones & Rees 1968, Nuclear DNA variation in Allium, Heredity, Lond. 23 591-605 AND Rees H, Cameron FM, Hazarika MH, Jones GH. Nuclear variation between diploid angiosperms. Nature. 1966 Aug 20 211(5051):828-30.PubMed ID5968749
Comments P.130 top paragraph: "Seed size and nuclear DNA content-Seed development is less determinate than meiotic and pollen development. Whereas the number of cells produced during the latter processes is constant, the number of cells per seed is variable. However, a coherent subgroup of species with similar morphology and type of life cycle might be expected to show a positive relation between seed mass and nuclear DNA content. Figures 4a and 4b illustrate significant positive relations (P < 0.01) between seed mass and nuclear DNA content for the two very different genera, Allium and Vicia (tables 9a and 9b)." See note beneath table
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