Number of vesicles in DVP (docked vesicle pool) and RRP (ready release pool) and bovine chromaffin cell

Range bovine chromaffin cell DVP 830: RRP ~100: bovine chromaffin cell 17,000 vesicles
Organism Mammals
Reference García AG et al., Calcium signaling and exocytosis in adrenal chromaffin cells. Physiol Rev. 2006 Oct86(4):1093-131. DOI: 10.1152/physrev.00039.2005 p.1112 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID17015485
Primary Source [306] Parsons TD, Coorssen JR, Horstmann H, and Almers W. Docked granules, the exocytic burst, and the need for ATP hydrolysis in endocrine cells. Neuron 15: 1085–1096, 1995. [392] Vitale ML, Seward EP, and Trifaro JM. Chromaffin cell cortical actin network dynamics control the size of the release-ready vesicle pool and the initial rate of exocytosis. Neuron 14: 353–363, 1995.PubMed ID7576652, 7857644
Comments P.1112 right column 2nd paragraph: "The number of vesicles in each pool is as yet undetermined. Using flash Ca2+ pulses, Parsons et al. (primary source 306) estimated that the DVP contained 830 vesicles. Only 10% of these vesicles are released within 140 ms from the flash-thus the size of the RRP would be ∼100 vesicles. Vitale et al. (primary source 392) found that each bovine chromaffin cell contained 17,000 vesicles, but only 200 of these were located within 50 nm of the plasmalemma (DVP). Steyer et al. (ref 360) followed the movements of GFP-labeled vesicles using microscopic methods. They separated a small RRP within a much larger DVP that turns over through addition of vesicles actively moving to docking sites as well as through the release and reversal of docking."
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