Estimates of biomass carbon (C) in vegetation per biome

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Organism Biosphere
Reference Carvalhais et al., Global covariation of carbon turnover times with climate in terrestrial ecosystems. Nature. 2014 Oct 9 514(7521):213-7. doi: 10.1038/nature13731. Supplementary Information p.11 Supplementary table S2PubMed ID25252980
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Method Abstract: "Here [investigators] present a global, spatially explicit and observation-based assessment of whole-ecosystem carbon turnover times that combines new estimates of vegetation and soil organic carbon stocks and fluxes."
Comments Methods 1st page right column 5th paragraph: "Overall, terrestrial vegetation holds about 442 ± 146 PgC (mean ± standard deviation), which is ~16% of the global organic carbon estimated on land (Supplementary Table 2). Excluding herbaceous vegetation, [investigators'] estimate of 429 ± 144 PgC in forests encompasses the latest rounded estimate of 300 PgC derived from global inventory data (ref 46). The most significant part of vegetation carbon is found in tropical forests and tropical savannahs and grasslands (62%), and temperate and boreal forests, and temperate grasslands and shrublands incorporate circa 25%." Note-references seem to be #66 & #67 rather than #33 & #34 as appears in text
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