Membrane proteins of plasma membranes and endoplasmic reticulum

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Reference Guidotti G. Membrane proteins. Annu Rev Biochem. 1972 41: 731-52. pp.734-5 table 2PubMed ID4263713
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Comments p.733 4th paragraph:"Although the characterization of some membrane proteins has progressed to the level of the determination of the three-dimensional structure (2 proteins) and the amino acid sequence (4 proteins), only about 20 proteins have been studied in detail. The situation is summarized in Tables 2-4, which display some of the information available about several proteins purified from a variety of membranes. There certainly are many more enzymes and transport systems associated with membranes than are included in these tables. Only those proteins which have been characterized at least as to molecular weight or subunit composition are included."
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