Summary of yield and maintenance data from anaerobic continuous cultures of E. coli B

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Mainzer SE, Hempfling WP. Effects of growth temperature on yield and maintenance during glucose-limited continuous culture of Escherichia coli. J Bacteriol. 1976 Apr126(1):251-6. p.252 table 2PubMed ID770423
Method p.251 right column 2nd paragraph:"E. coli B was maintained as described previously (ref 7). The composition of the growth medium and descriptions of the continuous culture apparatus and the techniques employed in continuous culture were described previously (ref 8). Methods for the estimation of oxygen consumption, glucose utilization, acetate production, and bacterial dry weight were also given previously (ref 8). When it was necessary to carry out continuous culture at temperatures below the ambient value in the laboratory, the entire chemostat apparatus was placed in a constant-temperature room maintained at 12 C, and the temperature of the vessel was then adjusted and regulated as described previously (ref 8)."
Comments p.252 right column bottom paragraph:"Because of the change of YATP(max) with temperature, a small increase in Yo(max) would be expected as a consequence of lowering the growth temperature from 37 C. Table 2 shows the results of experiments in which the growth yield referred to oxygen consumption [Yo - grams (dry weight)/gram-atom of 0] was measured as a function of specific growth rate at several different temperatures." See notes beneath table. D=growth rate
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