Time by which lysis of bacterial cell is completed

Range <1 hour
Organism Bacteriophage
Reference Purohit PK et al., Forces during bacteriophage DNA packaging and ejection. Biophys J. 2005 Feb88(2):851-66. p.852 caption to figure 1PubMed ID15556983
Primary Source Endy D, Kong D, Yin J. Intracellular kinetics of a growing virus: a genetically structured simulation for bacteriophage T7. Biotechnol Bioeng. 1997 Jul 20 55(2):375-89.PubMed ID18636496
Comments p.852 caption to figure 1:"Life cycle of a bacterial virus. The ejection of the genome into the host cell happens within a minute for phage like ? and T4 (BNID 111587). The eclipse period (time between the viral adsorption and the first appearance of the progeny) can be as short as ~10–15 min (primary source). The packaging of the genome into a single capsid takes ~5 min (BNID 111588). Lysis of the bacterial cell is completed in <1h (primary source)."
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