Mean diameter of beta cell of islet of Langerhans

Value 10 μm
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Zimny ML, Blackard WG. The surface structure of isolated pancreatic islet cells. Cell Tissue Res. 1975 Dec 18 164(4):467-71. p.470 6th paragraph & bottom (7th) paragraphPubMed ID1106868
Method Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) & scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
Comments "Individual islet masses averaged 200µm in diameter [BNID 111274]. Large ovoid cells at the surface have been designated as beta cells, and smaller pyramidal cells as alpha cells (Fig. 1). This identification was based on information from transmission electron microscopy regarding size, shape and location of these two cell types. An additional criterion was that the smaller pyramidal cells did not show any surface response to glucose stimulation. In transmission electron micrographs, beta cells are seen at the surface as well as the center of islet masses. These rounded or ovoid cells have a diameter averaging 10µm and contain granules about 0.20-0.25µm in diameter. The smaller alpha cells have a pyramidal shape (Fig. 2). No attempt was made to distinguish alpha2 cells from alpha1 or delta cells in the present study...With scanning electron microscopy, beta cells in unstimulated islet preparations appear rounded or oval and have a diameter averaging 10µm (Fig. 3)."
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