Distribution of K+ in body

Range intracellular fluid ~95% extracellular fluid ~2% bone ~3% %
Organism vertebrates
Reference OS. Andersen, "Cellular Electrolyte Metabolism", in Encyclopedia of metalloproteins, eds. Robert H Kretsinger Vladimir N Uversky E A Permi?a?kov, Springer 2013 pp.580-587 p.584 left column 2nd paragraph
Comments "There are ~60 mmoles of K+ per kg body mass: ~95% in the intracellular fluid. ~2% in the extracellular fluid. and the rest in bone. Even small shifts of K+ from the intracellular to the extracellular compartment thus may lead to large changes in the extracellular [K+] concentration, [K+]e, and vice versa for Na+."
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