Cytoplasmic pH

Value 7.3 unitless
Organism Cyanobacteria Agmenellum quadruplicatum
Reference Belkin S, Packer L. Determination of pH gradients in intact cyanobacteria by electron spin resonance spectroscopy. Methods Enzymol. 1988 167: 677-85. p.683 table IIPubMed ID2853286
Method "Cell preparations (77µg Chl ml^-1), containing the appropriate probe, were scanned in the absence and presence of 95 mM of the broadening agent nickel tetraphenylenepentaamine [NiTEPA (Q)]. Power was 10 mW, modulation amplitude 1 gauss, time constant 0.064 sec, and the scan speed 10 cm/min. Peak heights of the midfield lines were measured, and the values were corrected for reduction and normalized to a single gain setting (10, ref 4). Calculations were as described in the text. pHout was 7.10."
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