Blood flow required by central nervous system

Range ~55 ml/100g/min
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Sokoloff L (1996) The metabolism of the central nervous system in vivo. In: Handbook of physiology-neurophysiology (Field J, Magoun HW, Hall VE, eds), pp 1843–1864. Washington, DC: American Physiological Society. p.1843 right column bottom paragraph
Comments "...certain unique features of the metabolism of the central nervous system amplify the importance of in vivo studies. Its normal functions are completely dependent on the obligatory consumption of oxygen and glucose, and its metabolic rate is normally very great, particularly in relation to its stores of these essential nutrients. It is, therefore, dependent on a continuously adequate renewal of these nutrient materials by means of a relatively enormous blood flow, approximately 55ml per 100gm per minute, and interruption of these supplies rapidly leads to impairment of function and irreversible changes. In these circumstances, metabolism does not cease."
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