Average doubling times (τ) of E. coli B/r A and K grown in different media

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Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Woldringh CL, de Jong MA, van den Berg W, Koppes L. Morphological analysis of the division cycle of two Escherichia coli substrains during slow growth. J Bacteriol. 1977 Jul131(1):270-9. p.271 table 1PubMed ID326763
Method P.270 right column bottom paragraph: "For each experiment, 100 to 150 ml of minimal medium was inoculated and incubated at 37°C for about 10 generations in 500-ml flasks, aerated by shaking vigorously in a water bath. The cell concentration was maintained below 10^8 cells/ml by periodical dilution of the culture."
Comments P.270 right column bottom paragraph: "To obtain different doubling times (t), batch cultures were supplemented with the carbon sources summarized in Table 1." P.273 left column bottom paragraph: "Because results have been reported (ref 21) on E. coli B/r K cells cultured in a chemostat, cells grown under conditions of glucose restriction (r = 175 min, see Table 1) were compared with batch-cultured cells." See notes beneath table
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