Ranges of nuclear volumes and DNA contents within the major classes of vertebrates

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Organism vertebrates
Reference Conger AD, Clinton JH. Nuclear volumes, DNA contents, and radiosensitivity in whole-body-irradiated amphibians. Radiat Res. 1973 Apr54(1):69-101. p.92 table VIIPubMed ID4633561
Primary Source 34. A. H. SPARROW, R. C. SPARROWK, . H. THOMPSON, and L. A. SCHAIRER, The use of nuclear and chromosomal variables in determining and predicting radiosensitivities. Radiat. Bot. Suppl. 5, 101-132 (1965). 36. R. E. BARR and X. J. MUSACCHITA , The effect of body temperature and post irradiation cold exposure on the radiation response of the hibernator Citellus tridecemlineatus R. adiat. Res. 38, 437-448 (1969). 41. I. WEISSD, ie Kern und Zellgrossend er Erd-undW echselkroteu nd ihres erwachsenenB astards. Verh. Anat. Ges. 53, 99-103 (1956). 45. 0. BIRKENMAIEVRe, rgleichend-anatomischeU ntersuchungen fiber die Zellkerngr6sse in Wirbelherstamm.Z . Anat. Entwicklungsgesch1. 02, 794-818 (1934)
Method All tissues were fixed and processed according to conventional paraffin procedures using Helly's fixative with rigid adherence to the time schedule in an effort to reduce variability in procedure-induced nuclear shrinkage.
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