Absorbed quantum yield

Value 0.055 mole CO2/einstein
Organism Plant Camissonia claviformis
Reference Mooney HA, Ehleringer J, Berry JA. High photosynthetic capacity of a winter annual in death valley. Science. 1976 Oct 15 194(4262):322-4. p.322 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID17738049
Comments The absorbed quantum yield (slope of a plot of absorbed quanta against net photosynthesis at low light levels) of Camissonia is 0.055 mole of CO2 per einstein, at ambient CO2 and O2 concentrations and the measurement temperature of 30°C, a value similar to those obtained for many C3 and C4 species of higher plants (the value of the quantum yield is determined at low light levels in white light under conditions in which the net photosynthetic rate is linearly dependent on light intensity.)
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