Endocytotic locomotion rate of synaptic vesicle

Value 147 μm/sec Range: ±9 μm/sec
Organism Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Reference Bai J, Hu Z, Dittman JS, Pym EC, Kaplan JM. Endophilin functions as a membrane-bending molecule and is delivered to endocytic zones by exocytosis. Cell. 2010 Oct 29 143(3):430-41. p.431 left column bottom paragraph and fig.1BPubMed ID21029864
Method Animals were immobilized with 2,3-Butanedione monoxamine (30 mg/ml Sigma-Aldrich), and images were collected with an Olympus FV-1000 confocal microscope with an Olympus PlanApo 60 3 Oil 1.45 NA objective at 53 zoom, a 488 nm Argon laser (GFP), a 559 nm diode laser (mCherry), and a 405 nm diode laser (photoactivation).
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