Properties of pure liquid water at 20°C

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Reference Hille B., Ion channels of excitable membranes, 2001 3rd ed. Sinauer Associates Inc. p.333 table 10.5
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Comments “Given the strength of hydration energies, one would expect the water molecules of the inner hydration cell to be less mobile than those in bulk solution. Indeed they are. For comparison, let [researchers] start with the properties of pure liquid H2O (Table 10.5), which is the subject of many excellent summaries (Edsall & McKenzie 1978 Eisenberg & Kauzmann 1969 Stillinger 1980). Water is a random, H-bonded network with each molecule having on average 4.4 neighbors lying at a most probable center-to-center distance of 2.84 Å. At least half the H bonds have such non-ideal orientations that the structure bears little resemblance to the regular lattice of ice (Rahman & Stillinger 1971).”
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