Buoyant densities of cell organelles, cells and viruses in ficoll

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Organism Various
Reference D Rickwood, Centrifugation: a practical approach, Information retrieval Ltd. 1978 p.22 table 4
Primary Source Rickwood D. (1978) in centrifugal separations in molecular and cell biology (Eds. G.D. Birnie and D. Rickwood). Butterworths, London, p.219
Comments “Gradients of Ficoll must be prepared using a gradient mixer since it diffuses very slowly. However for the same reason Ficoll gradients are also more stable than sucrose gradients. Ficoll has a protective effect on some cell organelles and has been used for differential centrifugation as well as for rate-zonal centrifugation, particularly of cells and similar particles. In addition Ficoll gradients have been widely used for isopycnic fractionations of organelles and cells (Table 4). Samples can be recovered from gradient fractions by pelleting them from the pooled fractions diluted as necessary.”
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