Genome size of tomato strain (L)

Range ~6,400 Nucleotides
Organism Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
Reference Ohno T. et al., Nucleotide sequence of the tobacco mosaic virus (tomato strain) genome and comparison with the common strain genome. J Biochem. 1984 Dec96(6):1915-23. p.1915 left columnPubMed ID6549393
Method cDNA Cloning and Sequencing Strategy
Comments "The tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) genome is a single-stranded RNA composed of about 6,400 nucleotides with positive polarity, and carries the information for at least four polypeptides (refs 1, 2). The total genome sequence of the common strain of TMV (vulgare) has been determined and it has been proved that the genomic RNA can encode 130K, 180K, 30K, and coat proteins (ref 3)." 6384nts for TMV-L and 6395nts for TMV-vulgare (p. 1920 table 1).
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