Effects of ion deletion on the growth yields and rates of Bacteroides species

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Organism Bacteria Bacteroides spp.
Reference Daniel R. Caldwell and Caryn Arcand, Inorganic and metal-organic growth requirements of the genus Bacteroides, J Bacteriol. 1974 Oct120(1):322-33. p.327 table 5PubMed ID4472783
Method The effects of the experiment procedures on growth were evaluated by measurement of turbidity changes in media, using uninoculated media as standards. The average OD of duplicate cultures at 600 nm, obtained in 13 by 100 mm test tubes (11-mm light path) by means of a Bausch and Lomb Spectronic 20 spectrophotometer, were used throughout the study.
Comments Numbers in parentheses are standard deviations to the means. See beneath table footnote 'c' to table 4 and medium specification in table 1. Note: numbers under 'rate' column are described as growth rate, however these numbers seem far too large (that is, the generation times seem far too short).
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