Genome size of influenza A

Value 13588 bases Range: Table - link bases
Organism Influenza
Reference Bouvier NM, Palese P. The biology of influenza viruses. Vaccine. 2008 Sep 12 26 Suppl 4:D49-53. p.10 table 1PubMed ID19230160
Method Sum of 8 negative sense single stranded RNA gene segments in table link.
Comments "The influenza A and B virus genomes each comprise eight negative-sense, single-stranded viral RNA (vRNA) segments, while influenza C virus has a seven-segment genome. (See Table 1.)" See note under table. Influenza A virus genome consists of 8 ssRNA segments according to Granter et al., 2010 PMID 20582460, p.224 right column 1st paragraph
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