Ratio between membrane thickness and radius of intracellular vesicle

Value ~0.1 unitless
Organism Generic
Reference Graham TR, Kozlov MM. Interplay of proteins and lipids in generating membrane curvature. Curr Opin Cell Biol. 2010 Aug22(4):430-6. p.430 right column 1st paragraphPubMed ID20605711
Comments Curvature is considered to be small if the radii R1 and R2 (these are the radii of 2 perpendicular arcs that describe a membrane fragment) are much larger than the membrane thickness, h˜4 nm. An example is plasma membrane for which h/R˜10^-4 or less. By contrast, vesicular and tubular intracellular transport intermediates have h/R˜10^-1 so that their curvatures are considered to be large.
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