Percent of genome that is DNA Transposons

Value 13.3 %
Organism Wheat Triticum aestivum
Reference Li W, Zhang P, Fellers JP, Friebe B, Gill BS. Sequence composition, organization, and evolution of the core Triticeae genome. Plant J. 2004 Nov40(4):500-11PubMed ID15500466
Method Researchers sequenced an unfiltered genomic shotgun (trs) and a methylation–filtration (tmf) library of A. tauschii, and analyzed wheat expressed sequence tags (ESTs) to estimate the expression of genes and transposable elements (TEs).
Comments DNA transposons and related sequences constituted 13.3% of the genome, the second largest repeated fraction of retro elements, the largest being LTR retrotransposons, accounting for 51.2% of the genome. See fig. 1A.
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