Coefficient for conversion of CO2 to HCO3-

Value 0.4 µM
Organism Cyanobacteria
Reference Fridlyand L, Kaplan A, Reinhold L. Quantitative evaluation of the role of a putative CO2-scavenging entity in the cyanobacterial CO2-concentrating mechanism. Biosystems. 1996 37(3):p.232 equation 4PubMed ID8924647
Primary Source Espie GS, Miller AG, Canvin DT. Selective and Reversible Inhibition of Active CO(2) Transport by Hydrogen Sulfide in a Cyanobacterium. Plant Physiol. 1989 Sep91(1):pp. 392.PubMed ID16667030
Method The value is Kmc, the apparent Km of CO2 conversion. Given by formula V=Vc*[CO2]e,/([CO2]e + Km) where Vc=(maximum rate of CO2 conversion per cell),e=outer cytoplasm,
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