Half life of accBC mRNA

Value 2 min
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Li SJ, Cronan JE Jr., Growth rate regulation of Escherichia coli acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase, which catalyzes the first committed step of lipid biosynthesis.J Bacteriol. 1993 Jan175(2):pp. 334PubMed ID7678242
Method The stability of BCCP proteins and accBC mRNA was measured by addition of chloramphenicol to cells pulse-labeled with [ 3H]biotin or by Northern blotting of mRNA isolated from rifampin-treated cultures.
Comments This short half-life is characteristic of E. coli messages. For average mRNA half life of 1min at 37°C see Moselio Schaechter, John L. Ingraham, Frederick C. Neidhardt, Microbe, 2006 ASM Press 1 edition p.147 top paragraph. See BNID 104324
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