Estimated half-life of Gly-Gly peptide bond in water at pH5.6

Range at 5˚C 20,000years: at 15˚C 5,000years years
Organism Generic
Reference Collins and Gernaey-Child Chapter 3.1.2 in Paleobiology II (ed. Briggs and Crowther) link p.246 right column 2nd paragraph
Comments P.246 right column 2nd paragraph: "Although some peptide-bound residues (such as the aspartyl amide group) undergo rapid decomposition, it appears that the key step in protein decomposition is the breaking of the bonds which join the amino acids together (peptide bond hydrolysis), resulting ultimately in the release of free amino acids. The temperature dependence of peptide bond hydrolysis is well known, in the case of glycine (Gly), a Gly-Gly dipeptide is predicted to have a half-life in water at pH 5.6 of 20kyr at 5°C, declining to 5 kyr at 15°C."
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