Total chlorophyll (a+b) concentration in oceanic forest

Value 549.5 µmol/m^2
Organism Oak Quercus coccifera
Reference Rubio De Casas R, Vargas P, Pérez-Corona E, Manrique E, Quintana JR, García-Verdugo C, Balaguer L. Field patterns of leaf plasticity in adults of the long-lived evergreen Quercus coccifera. Ann Bot. 2007 Aug100(2):325-34 p. 328 table 2PubMed ID17576660
Method Chlorophylls and carotenoids were separated by HPLC (Waters Corp., Milford, MA, USA), following pigment extraction in cool acetone. The peaks were identified and quantified with pure commercial standards (VKI, Hørsholm, Denmark). Three light-responsive pigment pools were determined: total chlorophyll on a leaf area basis, and xanthophyll cycle pigments (VAZ) and b-carotene on a chlorophyll content basis.
Comments This is total chlorophyll concentration on a leaf area basis (Chl(a+b)), average of sun and shade in a study area (ARR) in Portugal.
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