Concentration of ferritin molecules in envelope cross section

Value 75 Copies/µm^2 Range: ±20 Copies/µm^2
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Lelkes PI, Klein L, Marikovsky Y, Eisenbach M. Liposome-mediated transfer of macromolecules into flagellated cell envelopes from bacteria. Biochemistry. 1984 Jan 31 23(3):563-8.PubMed ID6367823
Method The transfer of liposome-encapsulated ferritin was vizualized in ultrathin sections of cell envelopes treated with liposomes, for 30 min. The incubation mixture was fixed in 2.5% formaldehyde and further processed as described (Eisenbach & Adler, 1981). Embedding was in Epon 812. Thin sections (400-500 Å thick) were cut with a Sorval MT2 ultramicrotome and collected on formvar-coated grids. All micrographs were taken in a JEOL JEM-7 electron microscope, operated at 80 kV.
Comments A random count in ca. 200 cell envelopes indicates that there are some 75±20 ferritin molecules/µm^2.
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