Total number of EGFR (surface and intracellular) in PC12 cells

Value 15000 molecules/cell Range: Table - link molecules/cell
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Brightman FA and Fell DA, FEBS Lett. Differential feedback regulation of the MAPK cascade underlies the quantitative differences in EGF and NGF signalling in PC12 cells. 2000 Oct 6 482(3):169-74 p. 171 table 1PubMed ID11024454
Primary Source Traverse S, Seedorf K, Paterson H, Marshall CJ, Cohen P, Ullrich A. EGF triggers neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells that overexpress the EGF receptor. Curr Biol. 1994 Aug 1 4(8):694-701.PubMed ID7953555
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