Flux density of water vapor loss in a leaf

Value 4.3 milliMol H2O per m^2 per sec
Organism Biosphere
Reference Nobel, P. S. "Plant Physiology", 3rd ed. p.404 bottom paragraph
Comments P.404 bottom paragraph: "From the JCO2 and the Jwv [rate of water vapor diffusion per unit leaf area] calculated in this chapter, [investigators] can determine a WUE [water-use efficiency] for the leaf of a representative C3 mesophyte. Specifically, [they] obtained a JCO2 [net CO2 uptake] of 10.7 μmol CO2 fixed/m^2/s (see Section 8.4E) and a Jwv of 4.3 mmol H2O transpired/m^2/s (see Section 8.2F)." A characteristic value for a C3 mesophyte leaf
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