Chromosome number (2n)

Value 104 unitless
Organism Goldfish Carassius auratus
Reference Ciudad J, Cid E, Velasco A, Lara JM, Aijón J, Orfao A. Flow cytometry measurement of the DNA contents of G0/G1 diploid cells from three different teleost fish species. Cytometry. 2002 May 1 48(1):20-5.PubMed ID12116377
Primary Source Ohno S, Muramoto J, Christian L, Atkin NB. Diploid-tetraploid relationship among old-world members of the ?sh family Cyprinidae. Chromosoma 1967 23: 1–9
Comments Notice that this is the 2n value, i.e. counting the sister chromosomes as two separate chromosomes. See table 2 in reference for more primary sources
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