Genome Size

Value 4e+8 Base pairs
Organism Pufferfish Fugu rubripes
Reference Brenner S, Elgar G, Sandford R, Macrae A, Venkatesh B, Aparicio S. Characterization of the pufferfish (Fugu) genome as a compact model vertebrate genome. Nature. 1993 Nov 18 366(6452):265-8. abstract & p.267 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID8232585
Method "Here [researchers] report the characterization of the small genome (400 Mb) of the tetraodontoid fish, Fugu rubripes. A random sequencing approach supported by gene probing shows that the haploid genome contains 400 Mb of DNA, of which more that 90% is unique."
Comments "All of the experiments point to a small genome size in Fugu of 400 Mb, 7.5 times smaller than the human genome." Note- 392Mb (392,376,244 bp) given in the Fugu Genome Project link [Last Update: July 2010 and retrieved March 8th 2015] and 365Mb given in link . Fugu rubripes has 22 chromosomes (this is n, 2n=44 BNID 111392)
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