Analysis of type I and II lactotrophs, gonadotrophs and somatotrophs in male wild-type and ANXA1 null mice

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Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Morris JF et al., Lack of annexin 1 results in an increase in corticotroph number in male but not female mice. J Neuroendocrinol. 2006 Nov18(11):835-46 DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2826.2006.01481.x p.842 table 1PubMed ID17026533
Method Abstract: "Anterior pituitary tissue from ANXA1 wild-type, heterozygote and null mice was fixed and examined (i) by confocal immunocytochemistry to determine the number of corticotrophs and (ii) by electron microscopy to examine the size, secretory granule population and secretory machinery of corticotrophs."
Comments P.841 left column bottom paragraph: "Lactotroph, gonadotroph and somatotroph morphology: Electron microscopic analysis of lactotrophs, gonadotroph and somatotroph cell morphometric parameters in male wild‐type and ANXA1 null mice is shown in Table 1. In all of the morphometric parameters, excepting rER [rough endoplasmic reticulum], there was no difference measured between wild‐type and ANXA1 null mice. rER was significantly increased in ANXA1 null compared to wild‐type lactotrophs, gonadotrophs and somatotrophs. Analysis of cell density of lactotrophs, gonadotrophs and somatotrophs revealed no significant differences between wild‐type and ANXA1 null anterior pituitary (Table 1). No significant difference was measured in total cell number per grid square between wild‐type and ANXA1 null anterior pituitary (data not shown)."
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