Number of ribosomes

Value 7400 ribosomes/cell
Organism Bacteria Legionella pneumophila
Reference Leskelä T, Tilsala-Timisjärvi A, Kusnetsov J, Neubauer P, Breitenstein A. Sensitive genus-specific detection of Legionella by a 16S rRNA based sandwich hybridization assay. J Microbiol Methods. 2005 Aug62(2):167-79. DOI: 10.1016/j.mimet.2005.02.008 p.174 right column bottom paragraph and p.177 left column bottom paragraphPubMed ID16009275
Method P.174 right column bottom paragraph: "The detection limit of the assay was about 4400 Legionella cells corresponding to about 0.05 fmol RNA and 3×10^7 RNA molecules. Based on the data the ribosome number per cell was calculated. In average it was about 7400 ribosomes per cell, which is close to the 6800 ribosomes per cell which was used in the calculations described above on the basis of the literature values for E. coli."
Comments P.177 left column bottom paragraph: "The growth rate of Legionella cells in authentic water samples can only be estimated, but nevertheless the calculation of the Legionella cell number based on a growth rate of µ=0.6 doublings h^-1 and a corresponding number of ribosomes 6800 determined for E. coli (Bremer and Dennis, 1996) seems to be reasonable, which seems to be approximately the lower limit for a viable E. coli cell. This also seems valid for other organisms. This suggestion is supported by the calculated ribosomes from samples of a pure culture of L. pneumophila ATCC 33152 being 7400 ribosomes per cell, which is in the same order of magnitude."
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