Diffusive flux of silicic acid across the sediment-water interface [FD(benthic)]

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Reference Tréguer PJ, De La Rocha CL. The world ocean silica cycle. Ann Rev Mar Sci. 2013 5 :477-501. doi: 10.1146/annurev-marine-121211-172346 p.488 table 3PubMed ID22809182
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Comments P.488 bottom paragraph: "Table 3 summarizes the available data [including those gathered by Nelson et al. (primary source) for the Southern Ocean] to delimit a range for the total diffusive flux of silicon from areas of the ocean containing biogenic silica in sediments." P.489 2nd paragraph: "Figure 1, which assumes that the marine silica cycle is at steady state (see below), shows tentative values for FS(rain) (78.8 Tmol Si/year) and FD(benthic) (72.5 Tmol Si/year) compatible with Table 3, and an assumption that FD(benthic)/FS(rain) = 0.92, which is according to Table 2." See note beneath table. 1Tmol=1 teramole = 10^12 moles
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