Diffusion of silicic acid across the sediment-water interface

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Reference Tréguer P et al., The silica balance in the world ocean: a reestimate. Science. 1995 Apr 21 268(5209):375-9. DOI: 10.1126/science.268.5209.375 p.379 table 2PubMed ID17746543
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Comments P.378 right column 2nd paragraph: "To estimate the benthic diffusion of silicic acid, [investigators] calculated the diffusive flux in different regions of the world ocean: It ranges from 10 to 1000 mmol Si/m^2/year (Table 2) and FD(benthic) averages 23±15 Tmol Si/year." P.379 left column bottom paragraph: "The biological processes that produce silica in the surface layers and control its dissolution clearly dominate the geochemical processes quantitatively (Table 2 and Fig. 1)." 1Tmol=1 teramole = 10^12 moles
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