Number of chlorophyll (Chl) molecules in RC (reaction center) of PSIIα (photosystem IIα)

Range 210 – 250 Chl molecules
Organism Unspecified
Reference Giorgos Markou et al., Influence of different degrees of N limitation on photosystem II performance and heterogeneity of Chlorella vulgaris, Algal Research, Volume 26, September 2017, Pages 84-92 link p.85 left column 2nd paragraph
Comments P.85 left column 2nd paragraph: "PSIIα RCs are the most abundant and are localized on the appressed membrane region of the thylakoid and contain 210–250 Chl molecules, while PSIIβ RCs are localized in the non-appressed membrane region of the thylakoid and are 2–3 times smaller, in terms of their bound Chl, than PSIIα RCs [ref 23]."
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