Concentration of bacteria in rumen before and 4-8 weeks after defaunation

Range before 4.1×10^9: after 1.75×10^10 bacteria/ml
Organism Sheep Ovis aries
Reference Orpin, C. G., & Letcher, A. J. (1984). Effect of absence of ciliate protozoa on rumen fluid volume, flow rate and bacterial populations in sheep. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 10(2), 145-153. doi:10.1016/0377-8401(84)90004-X link p.150 2nd paragraph
Method Abstract: "Rumen fluid volumes, fluid flow rates, liquid-phase bacterial populations and bacterial populations removed from digesta by methyl cellulose (MC) treatment were measured in normally faunated Clun Forest wethers, and after defaunation with manoxol OT."
Comments P.150 2nd paragraph: "Estimates of the viable bacterial population in the liquid phase, measured in four animals before and 4—8 weeks after defaunation (Fig. 1), increased from 4.1×10^9/ml before to 1.75×10^10/ml after defaunation—a rise of 327%. Since the rumen fluid volume increased from 4.79 to 6.43 1 over the same period, the number of viable bacteria in the liquid phase increased from 1.96×10^13 before to 1.14×10^14 after defaunation, a 480% increase. This increase was not reflected by a similar increase in the numbers of bacteria which could be removed from the digesta particles. Measurements of the proportion of digesta particles showed an increase from 0.86 kg before defaunation to 1.41 kg after defaunation, resulting in a 40% increase in particle-associated bacteria."
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