Gibbs free energy of the tight binding of desthiobiotin to avidin

Value 5.9 kcal/mol
Organism Unspecified
Reference Jencks WP On the attribution and additivity of binding energies. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1981 Jul78(7):4046-50. p.4048 left column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID16593049
Comments p.4048 left column 2nd paragraph:"If there is not an exact tight fit, the values of both ?Gs and -?Gi will be small. Large values of -?GiAB and ?Gs are not desirable in the ground states of most biological systems because they give rise to tight binding and slow desorption of A-B they are more likely to be found in the transition states of enzymic reactions and the activated states of receptor-effector complexes. A value of ?Gs = 5.9 kcal/mol has been found for the tight binding to avidin of desthiobiotin, with ?G0AB=-16.9 kcal/mol compared with its component parts 4-methylimidazolidone (?G0A =-6.1 kcal/mol) and hexanoate (?G0B =-4.9 kcal/mol) this corresponds to KAB/KAKB = 2 X 10^4 M (ref 15)."
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