Hydrogen bond donors and acceptors from amino acid residues

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Reference Stickle DF, Presta LG, Dill KA, Rose GD. Hydrogen bonding in globular proteins. J Mol Biol. 1992 Aug 20 226(4):1143-59. p.1145 table 1PubMed ID1518048
Method "Hydrogen-bonding criteria were derived from small molecule crystal studies and are similar to those used in an earlier study (Presta & Rose, 1988). For each protein, hydrogen bonds were identified in a 3-step process...Second, distances between all potential donor-acceptor pairs in the protein were evaluated. A pair was retained for further analysis whenever its inter-atomic distance was less than or equal to the sum of the hydrogen bond radii of its respective atoms. It should be noted that the hydrogen bond radii in Table 1 are about 10% larger than the corresponding van der Waals’ radii."
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