Comparison of acetylcholine receptor concentrations

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Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Matthews-Bellinger JA, Salpeter MM. Fine structural distribution of acetylcholine receptors at developing mouse neuromuscular junctions. J Neurosci. 1983 Mar3(3):644-57. p.652 table IIPubMed ID6827314
Method "Comparison of acetylcholine receptor concentrations, as determined by [125I]a-BTX binding site densities at saturation (see “Materials and Methods”) for neuromuscular junctions of adult mouse muscles labeled either before or after primary fixation."
Comments "[125I]a-BTX site densities, expressed per µm^2 postjunctional thickened membrane, are given for sternomastoid (SM) and extensor digitorum (EDL) muscles of albino animals and for soleus (SOL) and EDL muscles of 129/ReJ animals. Each value represents the mean and standard error for several (three to seven) muscle regions sampled from one or more animals (tabulating >1OO grains/animal). Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of animals examined. No consistent differences were found between maximal binding site densities of muscles labeled before or after fixation. Within a mouse strain, different muscles exhibited comparable binding site densities. However, junctional site densities were consistently lower in muscles of 129/ReJ mice as compared with albino mice."
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