Fraction of free [Mg2+] out of total [Mg2+]

Range ~50 %
Organism Unspecified
Reference OS. Andersen, "Cellular Electrolyte Metabolism", in Encyclopedia of metalloproteins, eds. Robert H Kretsinger Vladimir N Uversky E A Permi?a?kov, Springer 2013 pp.580-587 p.582 right column 3rd paragraph
Comments "In Table 1 [BNID 110745], the values refer to the concentrations of the “free” ions, which may differ from the total concentration of the ion in plasma or cytoplasm. The total Ca2+ concentration in plasma, for example, is ~2.5mM, but ~50% is bound to proteins, phosphate, and organic anions. The free [Ca2+] is only ~1.3mM. Similarly, the free [Mg2+] is ~50% of the total Mg2+ concentration." Probably pertains to Mammalian cells though unspecified.
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