Variation in intracellular [Cl-] among different cells

Range muscle cells ~5: red blood cells ~80 mmoles/L
Organism vertebrates
Reference OS. Andersen, "Cellular Electrolyte Metabolism", in Encyclopedia of metalloproteins, eds. Robert H Kretsinger Vladimir N Uversky E A Permi?a?kov, Springer 2013 pp.580-587 p.582 left column bottom paragraph
Comments "The major variation among different cells is the intracellular [Cl-], which varies between ~5mmoles/L in muscle cells and ~80mmoles/L in red blood cells (intracellular water is ~2/3 of the cell mass, and the concentrations are per liter water). In addition to these two major compartments [The interstitial and intravascular fluid compartments], the fluid in the gastrointestinal tract, the urine, and the cerebrospinal and intraocular fluids are lumped into the chemically transcellular fluid compartment, which have the common feature that they are lined by epithelia that regulate their composition."
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