Microelectrode data obtained in intact cell nuclei of various species

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Organism Eukaryotes
Reference Mazzanti M, Bustamante JO, Oberleithner H. 2001. Electrical dimension of the nuclear envelope. Physiol. Rev. 81: 1–19 p.5 table 1PubMed ID11152752
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Method "In Table 1 [researchers] summarized microelectrode experiments performed in intact cell nuclei of various animal species."
Comments "Close inspection of Table 1 shows a large scatter in NE [nuclear envelope] permeability values, expressed in terms of total NE electrical conductance (GNE). This parameter, derived from the input electrical resistance of the cell nucleus (RNE) and calculated from the current-voltage relation for the NE, stands for the passive electrical leak pathway of the envelope...Inspection of Table 1 shows that Gpore can vary from 150 to >1,000 pS. There is no correlation between NPC [nuclear pore complex] density (number of NPCs per area of NE) and Gpore values...The estimated nuclear pore dimensions calculated from the data of the microelectrode papers are summarized in Table 1." See notes beneath table
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